Instructions for Various Tasks

Webwork Topics for TAs Webwork Topics for TAs

Webwork for Newbies  WeBWorK_newbie

MAA Instructions for Instructors new to Webwork here

Setting up for the next semester (clean up and save what you will need later Instructions Setting up for the next semester using the same Webwork class template

Instructions for Renaming a homework set  Instructions_Renaming a homework set

Add a TA (or student or faculty) to the classlist Instructions_Add a student or TA to classlist

Create new problem set from old problems Webwork_Instructions-create_problem_set

Interchange problems among problem sets  Instructions-interchanging_problems_among_problem_sets

Make minor edits to existing problems Instructions_Minor edits to Webwork problems

second example of editing problems Instructions_editing_problem_in_old_sets

Edit problem to include or change figures Instructions_editing_problem_with_figures

Set Reduced Credit amount and timing Instructions_Set_Reduced_Credit

Change Individual Optons for students, e.g., status, due date, number of attempts, etc. Instructions_Change_Individual_Options

Change Individual Student’s Problem Grades  Instructions_Change_Individual_Grades

Set up lab sections and set different due dates for each section Instructions_Setting_due_dates_for_different_sections(labs)_illustrated

Print PDF of Problem Set  Instructions_Printing_Problem_Sets

Create and save archive of your class Instructions_Archive_Class_to_move_to_new_server

Using Webwork on the Wolfware server Instructions for Wolfware Webwork Server